This week I stumbled through Ted Nelson’s 1970s imaginary “Computer/Lib,” and was struck by the ongoing tension between ease-of-use and complexification. And as I pondered, I considered: is the Apple Watch, or iWatch, a contender for each category? As a watch, it’s needlessly complex. It’s also needless machine (don’t we all have phones to attend to?), but possibly a needful machine (yet one more thing to interact with). No one needs one, but neither did we need iPads until the need was created.


Isn’t it pretty, though?


One thought on “Computer/Lib

  1. It is definitely pretty! And yes to all of the above. I think keeping an eye on the importance of mindful interaction will be key to managing our relationships with another useful but also needy connective device. And how much longer will we call it a watch? I guess we’re still calling our pocket computers phones….


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